Premier WMTA

Webinar Event 8:00 AM April 21, 2021

The WMTA conducted its April meeting in a Webinar format.
We are grateful to the Zisser Group for moderating this event through their web portal.

You can download a Video of the April meeting with the following link:







Sorry no Breakfast this month

Let’s share our experiences for our own benefit!

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These meetings are your opportunity to discuss issues that may effect

your maquiladora operation



Lic. Pedro Gonzalez

Temp Workers (Outsourcing)
Proposals and Agreements

Lic. Daniel Gutierrez


MX Labor Law Implications of
Legalized Cannibis
Lic. Leo Tenorio-Malof

Profit Sharing &
Labor Reforms
Blanca Montaño

Fiscal Update & Tax News
Hilda Marquez

VAT & IEPS Certification Process Visits from SAT
Juan B. Morales de la Garza PhD, CCP

Tijuana Labor & Economic Indicators
Rene Romero

Trade Update and Closing Remarks