Premier WMTA

Webinar Event 8:00 AM Sept 17, 2020

The WMTA is conducting its meetings in a Webinar format
We are grateful to the Zisser Group for moderating this event through their web portal.






Sorry no Breakfast this month

Let’s share our experiences for our own benefit!

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These meetings are your opportunity to discuss issues that may effect

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Western Maquiladora Trade Association -- 619-702-3456 --
Officers in Charge

Cargo, POV, Pedestrian and SENTRI Updates
Alejandra Mier y Teran
Executive Director

Dept. of Labor Compliance on Cross-Border Businesses
Rene Romero


Trade Observations & Update
Yennise Sandez
Trade Compliance Manager
C-TPAT 2020 - 2021
Lic Pedro Gonzalez


Strategy Regarding CESPT Unexpected Collection Actions
Blanca Montaño
Tax Partner

2021 Tax Reform
Juan B. Morales de la Garza


Update of Labor and Economic Indicators
We are grateful to the Zisser Group for hosting and moderating this event through their web portal.